PARIS -- October 3, 2021 -- On the occasion of the event "Printemps des études" and following months of successful trials, the Ifop Group announced a transformative partnership with the Israeli startup Fairgen.

This innovative partnership will empower Ifop Group to conduct large-scale analyses of niche segments with unprecedented speed and precision, effectively minimizing both error margins and sampling biases.

Generative AI: Accelerating Digital Transformation of the Market Research Industry

The advent of AI, following the digital revolution of the 2000s, marks a new turning point for the market research and public opinion polling industry. The ability to predictively process intricate datasets is opening new avenues for research firms and businesses to gain fast insights into their markets.

In today's increasingly diverse world, the exploration of niche markets has become an imperative for sound decision-making. Yet, obtaining such data has often been accompanied by prohibitive costs, hindering access for many.

Samuel Cohen, CEO Fairgen

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“The ability to extract precise and in-depth insights from studies is essential for companies. Thanks to generative AI, we can reinvent how knowledge is collected. Fairgen's solution allows for quicker and more accurate insights and achieves reduced error margins, comparable to those of larger samples, without the need to collect more data. “

“The use of synthetic data in research can diminish collection costs and open new sources of revenue from niche markets. This will revolutionize the discovery of insights: more analysis power, faster, and at a controlled cost. In addition, access to segments that were previously “impossible” because they were too small or too difficult to reach for fieldwork, becomes exploitable by extrapolating the results.”

Emmanuel Candès, scientific advisor at Fairgen, Director of the Department of Data Sciences and Statistics at Stanford University:

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“The generative AI technology developed by Fairgen, combined with a rigorous evaluation of its predictions, has the potential to transform survey sampling.”

The Ifop Group, founded in 1938, takes pride in remaining a pioneer and is committed to this new revolution in the field.

Christophe Jourdain, General Manager of the Ifop Group and sponsor of this transformation project, shares his enthusiasm.

cristophe jourdain - ifop general manager

"This partnership represents a major advance in integrating AI into the solutions we offer our clients. It allows us to develop new and truly value-added approaches in the analysis of micro-segments and the predictive processing of complex data. It also gives us the opportunity to develop bias reduction protocols and quality control enhanced by AI. The research conducted in recent months has tested Fairgen's technology applied to studies, and demonstrated the complementarity and excellent harmony of our teams. It has also allowed us to align ourselves with the ethical fundamentals - particularly transparency towards our clients - which have always been the basis of our profession and reputation. We are excited to continue the collaboration within the framework of this formalized partnership."

Fairgen and Ifop Group teams meet at Printemps des études 2023 in Paris

About Fairgen

Created in 2021 by Samuel Cohen, Fairgen pioneers the creation of generative AI solutions applied to the research industry. Founded by a select team of data scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, its mission is to accelerate time-to-insights for research and insights professionals via a suite of deep machine-learning models capable of transforming complex datasets and automating analysis. This pioneering GenAI technology is poised to catalyze the ongoing digital transformation of the traditional market and consumer research sector. Emmanuel Candès, a globally recognized eminent statistician, has joined Fairgen's Board of Advisors and validated its cutting-edge technology.

About Groupe Ifop

A human-sized company in the Top 5 research institutes in France, Groupe Ifop has been a leader in opinion studies since 1938 and a reference in marketing, quantitative and qualitative studies in Europe, the USA, and China. Since 2018, Sociovision has enriched the Group's offerings with unique market observatories and exclusive data science expertise. In 2022, the acquisition of Occurrence, an independent research and consulting institute, and its subsidiary Deep Opinion, complements the value proposition in evaluating communication strategies. In 2023, Brain Value, the leader in qualitative studies in France, brings a new momentum to qualitative expertise and strategic planning for an even more comprehensive customer support from the Group.