Boost your survey for granular insights

Use synthetic boosters to gain reliability in under-sampled groups

In collaboration with leading consumer research teams
"This partnership represents a major advance in integrating AI into the solutions we offer our clients."
Christophe Jourdain
General Manager of the Ifop Group
"It's basically opening up new opportunities, new doors, and going deeper in the analytical delivery to our clients."
Emilie Boutes
Chief Innovation Officer at The BVA Family
"The generative AI technology developed by Fairgen, combined with a rigorous evaluation of its predictions, has the potential to transform survey sampling."
Emmanuel Candès
Director of the Department of Data Sciences and Statistics at Stanford University

Welcome to a new data collection paradigm

Lead the innovation wave and modernize data collection with reliable Generative AI technology

From under-sampled to understood

Boost segments under 15% with synthetic respondents and get the equivalent of twice the amount of real data.
20 minutes to upload, train, & generate
3x boost validated through parallel testing
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Building next-gen AI solutions for Research & Insights


Detect fraudulent and unwanted survey responses to improve the reliability of your insights

Report Automation

Automate deck creation and significantly reduce the analysis workload.
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