Generative AI for fairer data

The Fairgen platform is a use case agnostic tool for identifying, mitigating and responding to incidence of bias within machine learning models and their underlying data sets. Our data centric approach makes integration seamless for customers.

Insights 2.0 utilising Generative AI

Fairgen is introducing the next generation of insights harnessing our world leading technology to interpolate research responses.

The Fairgen Toolkit

The three core products we offer combine to form our toolkit, delivering a world leading fairness-as-a-service enabling industries to monitor, mitigate and respond to biases the performance of their algorithms with generative AI.

Proportion Fairness

Proportion Fairness allows us to conditionally simulate more robust synthetic data sets. Allowing for fair and proportional representation of demographics and subgroups.


Our Allocation Fairness tool allows data teams to ensure groups receive the quoted share of a service or provision. Critical to ensuring the fair allocation of resources, services and policies.


Performance Fairness ensures that decisions are well-calibrated across groups. This benchmarks and improves how accurate your algorithms and models perform across sensitive groups.


We're building our unique toolkit to serve operators and service providers across a range of industries.

Whether it's data driven research, underwriting loans or allocating medical procedures, the fair and bias free use of data is critical.

Polling & Market Research

We enable Polling Agencies and Market Researchers to provide granular insights at lower costs.

Financial Institutions

Fairgen can improve the underwriting loans, granting of credit and assessing for insurance risk through bias mitigation.

Healthcare Service Providers

Healthcare services can better allocate procedures, resources and ensure their algorithms perform fairly for all patients.

Regulatory Compliance

Provide the explainability necessary to remain compliant whilst responding to developments in legislation.

Our partners