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From synthetic panels to report automation

AI is the new standard in research practices

AI Leadership

Assert your innovative presence and join the AI early adopters movement

Gain the Edge

Provide your customers with innovative solutions that set you apart from the competition

Operate Faster

Streamline time-to-insights with accessible and scientifically validated AI technology

Sell more insights, faster

Accelerate your operations and open new revenue streams
Sell insights into niches once too hard or expensive to analyze with FairBoost™
Clean your datasets from unwanted responses with FairCheck™
Automate the creation of decks with report automation
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Deploy synthetic sample boosters at scale

Confidently boost under-sampled segments with validated predictions
Boost the effective sample score in niche segments by 2x
Replace costly traditional sample boosters
Ensure performance with tailored parallel testing and benchmarking

Clean your datasets with custom outlier detection

Add a quality assurance firewall to your data collection pipeline
Detect a wide range of outlier behaviors
Remove bots, speeders, and other unwanted patterns
Customize thresholds ahead of exporting

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