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Core Features

The Fairgen product suite or toolkit as we call it offers a number of cutting edge tools used to tackle biases across industry.

Customers can seamlessly augment their underlying data to detect and mitigate biases before bolstering samples with synthetic data generators.

Our technology is use case agnostic and offers a range of utility across multiple industries

Bias Detection & Mitigation

Our unique technology allows for bias detection and mitigation within existing models

Data Centric De- Biasing

We believe that data centric solutions are the future for fairness in AI. Allowing us to seamlessly improve model performance through pre-processing changes.

Synthetic Data Generation

We use synthetic data to generate augmented datasets within your specified parameters creating more robust data sets.

Performance Monitoring

Customers can monitor and tweak the performance of algorithms using our technology.


Seamlessly integrating debiasing solutions for your algorithms and models.