Scientists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs on a mission

Our vision

In today’s world, data is being used to train autonomous decision-making agents in banking, insurance, hiring and many more industries. Such data is subject to all sorts of unsafe patterns, notably discriminative behaviours. Deployed agents themselves perpetrate the biases present in the data. At Fairgen, our approach is to allow companies to simulate a world where discrimination is removed, to gather data from this cleaner world and train agents this data, in order to lead to safer, fairer and more accurate behaviors in the real world.

Benny Schnaider

Co-founder & Chairman

Benny is the co-founder of several acquired startups such as Ravello Systems (acquired by Oracle), Pentacom and P-Cube (both acquired by Cisco) or Qumranet (acquired by Red Hat). He is also a board member and investor in other startups such as Otonomo,, CathWorks, ScyllaDB, vHive or B-Hive.

Samuel Cohen

Co-founder & CEO

Samuel has a BSc from Imperial College where he won the Winton Capital Prize and a Msc from Oxford University he obtained with a Distinction and the St Peter’s Prize. He then went on to study his PhD in Machine Learning at UCL. He previously interned at Oracle, Checkpoint and Facebook AI. Samuel is an expert in generative modelling and notably published papers at the ICML or AISTATS conferences.

Nathan Cavaglione

Co-founder & CTO

Nathan completed a First-Class Honours Bachelor & Masters in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Imperial College with a thesis in AI learning and the Maurice Hancock Scholarship. After working at Intel, Nathan led the algorithmic development of Datagen's products from day 1 to post Series A. Nathan is an expert on synthetic data and lecturer at the Israel Machine Vision Conference and the Israel Tech Challenge.

Michael Arbel

AI Advisor

Michael recently obtained a PhD in Machine learning from UCL and previously graduated from ENS and Ecole Polytechnique. He is currently a Starting Research Fellow at INRIA. His expertise lies in unsupervised generative modelling.

Michael Cohen

Co-founder & COO

Michael carries his experience as a serial entrepreneur with a serious track-record in multiple sectors. He was notably a major textile supplier in Europe, a significant real estate promotor and developer in Asia and a crucial actor in enhancing Africa and Middle East’s infrastructures jointly with Chinese state companies and local governments.